Our Church

Location: Ocean City, MD

Size: about 250 members

Founded: 1985

Serves parishioners in the states of Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware. All are welcome and we look forward to having you join us for worship!

Our parish is more than just a place where people come to worship the living God (although it is also that!). Saint George Greek Orthodox Church is a vibrant faith community of people of all ages and backgrounds who are working out their faith together and raising their families in accordance with the commandments of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the traditions of the ancient Holy Orthodox Christian Church. Our parish hosts a number of ministry opportunities for a diverse cross-section of ages, from the youngest to the eldest, we have a group for you to join and be a part.

Whether you are a fellow Christian, or a non-Christian, 'on a journey,' or just wanting to visit a local Orthodox parish, you will be welcome at our beloved parish of Saint George. Services are done in English & Greek, with just a slight touch of other languages of traditionally Orthodox lands, in order to maintain a strong and impenetrable connection to the early Church.  

You are welcome here and we are always honored to have visitors join us for prayer and worship. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

A brief history:

Greek Orthodox Christians have been present throughout the Delmarva region for many years, although the dream of securing a property and building a temple took quite some time to accomplish. With a great deal of love, perseverance, patience, and faith this dream was to become a reality for the local faithful. The current church edifice of Saint George Greek Orthodox Church located in Ocean City, Maryland was built during the autumn of 1984 and was completed in the spring of 1985. Named in honor of our patron, Saint George the Great Martyr & Trophy-Bearer, the church was constructed as a labor of love by Michael Cappy, a commercial artist and local businessman.

Prior to the building of the Saint George Greek Orthodox Church in Ocean City, worship services were held in Salisbury, Maryland one Saturday a month except during the summer where Father Michael Yachnis conducted Sunday services in a nearby parish along Coastal Highway.

Drawing on his over thirty years of experience as a builder, Mike was able to obtain from many local subcontractors and suppliers the necessary labor & materials. Before long the dream of a Greek Orthodox Church in Ocean City was becoming a reality. During construction, people gave of their time & money and the nearby Greek Orthodox parish communities in Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Virginia provided some of the religious items.

The first liturgy was celebrated in the new church by Father George Gallos with Father John Tavlarides assisting on June 22, 1985. The second service was held on June 30, 1985 and was celebrated by Father Michael Yachnis, who also worked tirelessly towards the goal of building a church in Ocean City.

Today our parish continues to serve our local community and further the mission of our forebearers, all to His glory!

For first time visitors to our site, and to our church, we welcome you! This website contains some basic information about our parish and Orthodox worship for those who haven’t experienced it yet.

To start with, we want you to know at least this much:

  • You are welcome here. We are always honored to have visitors join us for prayer and worship.

  • You won’t be asked to do anything which would make you uncomfortable.

  • We don’t expect visitors to contribute anything to the financial support of our parish or our programs.

  • Our children worship with us. If you have young children, they are welcome here, too. If you need to step to the back of the church with your child for any reason, you are not disturbing us. We expect Christian children to be raised in the church and to do that, they too join us in worship.